German Shepherds have always been a part of our family as pets and/or protectors.  A German Shepherd
dog is unique in the respect that he can be a magnificent breed champion, demonstrate his working ability
anytime, and protect those he loves without hesitation, and yet is still a lovable family pet.

   Our puppies are from the very best genetics in the world.  They are family farm raised by our two sons,
Storm and Seth, on a secluded 10-acre site designated for our German Shepherds as part of a 400-acre
registered show Brahman cattle farm- K-Bar Farms (  All of our shepherds, puppies
and adults are handled by our children.  We love our shepherds and care about their well-being, comfort
and happiness.  Every puppy born in our kennel is precious.  Our goal is to produce more outstanding
puppies than their parents.  They are extremely kid friendly and yet loyal protectors.  A properly bred and
raised German Shepherd will give his life defending his family.  They are truly "Guardians of the Night."  
You cannot find a more protective and loving pet than a German Shepherd.

                  Our love and passion for this intelligent and faithful breed started many years ago...
                                                                never stopped and never will!
Amite, Louisiana
K-Bar K9
AKC Registered German Shepherds
"Champions aren't made in the ring, they're only
recognized there."
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